Travel-Directory FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

The Tourism Organizations Directory is the most comprehensive multilingual list of tourism industry organizations worldwide. Only specific types of organizations are eligible for inclusion in the directory. For example, tourism boards and authorities of all levels (national, regional, municipal), travel and hospitality associations, tourism industry training providers, etc.

There are at least two features that make the Tourism Organizations Directory unique. The first one is the multilingual approach—each entry is listed in 10 world languages and is therefore searchable in local languages throughout the main travel markets around the world. That is the approach we call "Think globally—Act locally."
Another unparalleled option of the Directory is the opportunity to enhance the listing with a number of interactive materials, such as videos, slideshows, and flip-pdf catalogues. This makes the presentation more attractive and, as a result, increases the targeted traffic.

Only certain types of organizations can be included on the list—tourism authorities and tourist boards of different levels (national, regional, municipal), convention and visitor bureaus, tourism industry associations and confederations, travel industry training providers, tourism industry media, and some others. In case you are not sure whether your organization is eligible to be listed in the Directory, please contact us.

The tourism organization list has been running as a part of the portal since 2006. In 2016, based on our customers' demand for a more comprehensive presentation, the directory moved to the standalone website The main purpose of this development was the improvement of the presentation options of the listed organizations.

The listing in the Global Tourism Organizations Directory is the most comprehensive multilingual source of information about travel and tourism organizations worldwide. Each entry is presented in 10 languages, thus in 10 directories (language editions): English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Polish, and Czech.
The listing plays an important role in international search engine optimization because it makes your website searchable not only over global search engines such as Google and Yahoo, but also in their local versions. Moreover, your organization will become searchable in several important search engines that operate only in specific countries, such as Russian Yandex, Chinese Baidu, etc.

The Tourism Organizations Directory is part of the Tourism Review Media—the global multilingual publishing holding. For our customers this simply means having a wide range of high-quality tourism marketing solutions. The synergetic effect of employing multi-mode travel and tourism marketing tools is quite obvious. Another significant benefit is the "one stop shop" approach to the many promotion needs of our clients. All the marketing tools available to our customers can be found on our marketing website,

The Tourism Calendar is a highly focused list which includes virtually all important international travel and tourism industry events, including fairs, exhibitions, and conferences worldwide. All events listed in the tourism calendar are displayed in 10 languages, that is, in 10 language versions of the calendar, and each entry may include interactive presentation materials such as videos, slideshows, and flipping-pdf catalogues.

The events listed in the calendar manage to attract more customers, both exhibitors and visitors. Another benefit is developing greater visibility and online reputation of the events within the travel and tourism market.

The Tourism Review fairs calendar secures targeted traffic to the event's website and therefore assists the event organizers in developing and supporting the customer base. Another breakthrough feature of the calendar is including the promotional materials in interactive form, which increases the brand loyalty and the number of customers.

The multilingual option implements the approach "Think globally—Act locally." Its aim is to increase the international visibility of our customers and to help them penetrate foreign travel markets. With the multilingual listing, the event presentation is published in 10 languages simultaneously, along with short descriptions in each language.

Thus, the information about the event appears and is indexed by local search engines, not only the local editions of Google and Yahoo, but also several national and highly influential search engines like the Chinese Baidu or Russian Yandex. This makes the event searchable across the main travel markets globally in local languages.

Yes, there are substantial benefits for organizers who market more travel and tourism events and want to add more than two events to the calendar. The discount is progressive and depends on the number of events listed as well as on the selected listing plan. There is also an opportunity for the organizers to be added to the separate Tourism Organization Directory. Please contact us if you are listing multiple travel industry events.

The global Tour Operators Directory is a unique, yet most inclusive, multilingual source of travel companies worldwide. There are four presentation plans that offer a broad scale of promotion options—from the Basic plan up to the comprehensive Ultimate arrangement. Based on marketing needs, ambitions, and budget, each travel company can find a suitable presentation plan.

That's correct, there are a number of bulk travel lists around. However, the Tourism Review Tour Operators Directory is a completely different project that clearly stands out from the crowd. At least two features need to be pointed out in order to demonstrate the uniqueness of the Tourism Review Tour Operators Directory.

First of all, our directory allows adding interactive promotional materials, such as videos, slideshows, and flipping-pdf catalogues. These materials increase brand awareness among potential customers and bring more targeted traffic to the travel company website.

Another unparalleled benefit is the multilingual mode—each entry is displayed in 10 languages, which significantly increases the visibility of the listed companies over foreign travel markets, including the distant ones.

The Tourism Review Tour Operators Directory brings benefits to each listed company or travel service. However, the real effect depends on the chosen presentation plan. A small company benefits greatly if it takes the opportunity to be extensively presented worldwide along with the "big players."

Another benefit is the higher position among search results in the case of an advanced presentation plan. The smaller company appearing on the top, above the bigger competitors, gets a clear competitive advantage in foreign travel markets.

If you need to attract more customers from foreign markets, the listing is definitely worthwhile. Appearing in local search engines in local languages will attract potential partners/customers from a number of destinations. It is especially beneficial to your company if your main specialization is inbound tours.

Yes, from time to time we offer special deals or an extension of the presentation period. However, any tour operator gets the best deals when the listing in the directory is a part of a wider promotional campaign, which includes a range of tourism marketing solutions that Tourism Review Media offers.

For example, when the listing is combined with other services such as content marketing, display advertising, or video marketing, special pricing options are provided. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in the cross-format tourism marketing and promotion plan.

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